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   Thanksgiving Eve/Day
 Christmas Eve/Day & New Years Eve/Day 
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Date Requested
# of Bowlers
Type of Party
Plain City Lanes will always take reservations for any type of group, from the Kids Bowl Free program to our bowling parties. Please call us at 614-873-3411 to reserve your spot. We have set aside weekday and weekend times for group reservations. If you don't see a possible time which  you are looking for, please let us know so we can see how we can assist you and your group needs.

September- April 
SATURDAY  11am-1pm    1:30-3:30    4:00-6:00    6:30-8:30      9pm-11pm

SUNDAY      11am-1pm    1:30-3:30    4:00-6:00    6:30-8:30

MONDAY               4pm -8pm   anytime                        TUESDAY              11am-6pm  anytime
WEDNESDAY        11am-5:30   anytime                        THURSDAY           11am-5:30   anytime
FRIDAY                  11am-6:30   anytime

May - August

    Friday 11am- Midnight     *     Saturday 2pm-Midnight     *      Sunday 2pm-9pm

    Tuesday  11am-9pm   *   Wednesday   11am-6pm   *   Thursday 11am-10pm

During the Summer months we will open earlier on Mondays and the weekends for Large Groups!